What is the course in self-knowledge?

It’s a free online course, that consists of a sequence of lessons elaborated using an easy-to-learn methodology, that will gradually be introducing the theoretical and practical aspects of the self-knowledge course.

Who is the intended audience?

This course is intended to any people who want to get a better understanding about yourself, about your psychological and spiritual world, and, thus, about the world around you.

Even better than know us, is to make a real inner change in ourselves. The course is aimed to show practical methods so that anyone can literally achieve a real transformation of themselves, eliminating vices, fears, defects and bad habits, becoming a serene, patient, wise, altruistic and happy person.

How does the course work?

Registration or other conditions are not required to participate on this course. What is needed to participate is simply to access and study the content of the course online in this site.
Is also available for download a Course Book that has all the lessons in single a PDF file.
There are no schedules or deadlines, so you can study the lessons on your own availability.

How to start?

We recommend starting knowing what are the topics of the course in the page Index of the lessons, and next click on the Introduction link to start the course.

It is very important to comprehend the topics, go through the lessons in the right order (lesson n°1, n°2, etc.) and also study them all, because some raised doubts may be cleared in the next lessons.
Questions about the course’s lessons can be sent to us through the Contact link.

What are the bases of the self-knowledge course?

This course is based on the Gnostic knowledge or Gnosis (a Greek word that basically means or refers to a superior knowledge).

The Gnosis is as old as the mankind and has always been present at several times and cultures throughout history.

We can find Gnostics elements in the philosophy and in the art of the Egyptian, Greek, Babylonian, Chinese, Indian, Mayan and Aztec civilizations, in the primitive Christians etc.

In our contemporary epoch that knowledge was uncovered by Samael Aun Weor, who wrote several books about the subject.
The course is based on the main books of Samael Aun Weor and other gnostic works, which are all listed in the page Bibliography.