Hello dear friend.

This website and this course were designed and are maintained by a few people. We would like to make clear that we are not an institution, organization, sect or religion.
Also, we neither promote meetings nor commercialize products or services at all.

We are persons that, like many others, had the privilege to receive exactly the same information that you can find in this website and, practicing it, we have been experienced great changes in our lives.
Thus we build the website Divina Ciencia to spread these informations as widely as possible.

Is very sad for anyone to see how degrading the moral and spiritual state of the humanity is these days.
Cruelty instead of charity, competition instead of cooperation, egoism instead of altruism, war instead of peace, anger, fear, distrust, treason, violence, misery, etc.
Looking at this scenario, seems like there is nothing we can do to revert this situation.
However, everyone can do his part by knowing and changing yourself, becoming a better person because the humanity is the sum of individuals, of each one of us.
If everyone start to change yourself, necessarily the whole will also start to change, start to become better.

How can we can achieve real changes and not only something superficial?
This is just one of the goals of this course: show the ways by which everyone can effectively change yourself and make your life something infinitely better.

So we invite you to know and change yourself, to be an example and a motivation to other people.

You must be the change you want to see in the world.

Mahatma Gandhi

Best regards.

Divina Ciencia team.