In this lesson we will learn about the dangers and the hidden damages due to alcoholism and drugs addiction.
We will see also that any type of addiction can be totally cured. Totally cured, in this case, means to eliminate the psychological causes of the addiction, what is far different of only suppressing addiction, what makes recovering addicts vulnerable to relapse.

The addiction.

Any kind of addiction is due to our psychological defects, also called selves.
These selves survive by feeding on when we surrender to the addiction, whether it be drinking, smoking or using some other type of drug.
Although are not approached in this lesson, other kinds of addictions like gambling, prostitution etc. have the same causes, effects and solution.

The most serious issue is that whenever a psychological defect is fed it strengthens. In this case more strength means more control over the addict, more power to force him to come back to the addiction.

It is easy to conclude that it will become a snowball; a problem that was apparently small turns in something totally out of control.

The alcoholism.

The alcoholism brings terrible consequences to the addict. Beside the known damages for the health, from cirrhosis to liver cancer, the alcohol is also harmful to spiritual and social health.
The most dangerous is that the alcohol has been always considered as something sociable, always present in meetings, events, parties, celebrations and even within our homes, without distinction of social class.
For everywhere the alcohol addiction infiltrates subtly.

Below there is a text from the book “The Mystery of the Golden Blossom” written by V.M Samael Aun Weor:

“It is manifestly clear that the alcohol tends to eliminate the capacity for independent thought and calm judgment since it fatally stimulates fantasy. It also shockingly debilitates ethical sense and individual liberty.
Dictators from the past, tyrants, were not unaware that it is easier to govern and enslave a nation of drinkers than that of abstainers.
It is also well known that with a state of intoxication you can make someone accept any suggestion and carry out deeds which are contrary to their sense of decency and morality.
The influence of alcohol on crime is notorious, so much so that it is unnecessary to stress the fact.”

The drugs addiction.

The drugs problem is another calamity that afflicts mankind, especially the youth.
Huge sums of money were invested, but neither the governments nor the science are able to find a solution for the problem that day by day becomes more serious and affects all different classes of society.
Only through the way we will learn in this lesson we will be able to definitely solve this problem.
The addiction is an internal and psychological problem and must be fought in this field.
The drug effects are as devastating as the alcohol ones, although its damages are felt earlier.

How to heal yourself from alcoholism and drugs addiction?

Fortunately, inside the human being there is a hidden force that can eradicate any kind of addiction.
As you might be guessing, if addiction is due to psychological defects the way to eliminate it is through the psychological death.

Besides the psychological dependency another problem on eradicating alcoholism and / or the drugs addiction is the chemical dependency, what basically means that a person has reached a level of dependency on the chemical substance such that the body cannot function without it being present.

Because of that, it may be really hard to leave the addiction and the following procedure is recommended:

Let us suppose that a person used to drink 20 glasses of alcohol per day.
That person should enforce some discipline. In a given week, this person should have a maximum amount of 19 instead of 20 glasses per day, and every time he feels the need for having additional drinks, he must apply the psychological death.

That is the main point: every time a person starts feeling or thinking about drinking (or using any kind of drug) he must applies the psychological death immediately.
If those feelings and thoughts persist (and it will – at least in the beginning) the psychological death must be applied again and again until overcome the psychological defect.

Thus, in the next week, that person should reduce the drinks to a maximum of 18 glasses per day. Next week reduces to 17 and so on, always applying the psychological death when needed.
By following such procedure, the person will not only stop drinking but also will not have any need or desire of alcohol.

That is how one can overcome the addiction, no matter how strong it can be.