In the lesson #2, we learned a little bit about the phenomenon of the astral projection, about the dreams and about the astral world.
Continuing our study on the astral projection, we will learn in this lesson a technique to awake the consciousness in the astral world, that is, awakening the consciousness when we are already sleeping and dreaming, becoming aware that we are in the astral world and so controlling our astral experience.

You may know this kind of technique as lucid dream or lucid dreaming. Some consider astral projection only when someone leaves the physical body consciously before fall asleep (which we also learn in this course).
However for us that doesn’t make any difference. What is important is to be conscious in the astral world instead of only dreaming as a sleepwalker.

Astral projection through the little jump technique.

The technique of the little jump is a discipline that we practice in our routine. The more we practice, the more easily we will get a astral projection. This discipline is the following:

In our day-to-day, we should pay attention to what surrounds us, like persons, objects, places etc. In the astral world there are many things and phenomena that do not exist in the physical world such as flying objects, odd beings, unknown creatures and many other things.

Then, when we see something that seems a little strange, unusual or different (a person with extravagant clothes, a different building, an uncommon object etc.), that is, anything or any situation a little bit different we should ask ourselves “Am I now in the physical world or in the astral one?” , and then make a little jump with the intention of floating in the environment.

The idea here is to execute this technique many times during the day in order to repeat it automatically (make the question and jump) when we are dreaming and see some of the stranger things of the astral world.
If you don’t float it obvious that you are in the physical world, but if you float this means that until that moment you were dreaming and now you are conscious in the astral world.
The more you do this during the day the better; it will be easier to awake in the astral.

The ideal is always to make the little jump, but it may not be possible in certain situations or places, such as in the workplace, near other people etc.
In these situations, after we see something that we consider a little strange and ask ourselves if we are in the physical or in the astral world, we can do another thing: pull on a finger of the hand with the intention of stretching it.
This also works because when we pull on the finger in the astral world it stretches as if it was made of rubber and, by seeing this, we awake in the astral world.

It is very important to do this technique really doubting if we are in the physical or in the astral world, otherwise all will happen as if you were in the physical world, that is, you will not float, or your finger will not stretch when you’ll be in the astral world.

We transcribe below a passage from the book “Yes there is hell, yes there is devil, yes there is karma”, by V.M Samael Aun Weor, that illustrates the subject of this lesson:

“On one night of so many, I entered through the doors of a marvelous mansion.
Silently, I passed through the beautiful garden, until I arrived at an ostentatious living room. Moved by an inner impulse, I moved a little further on and daringly entered the office of an attorney.
Seated at the desk, I found a lady of average height, with gray hair, a pale face, thin lips and a Roman nose. It was that lady of respectable appearance and medium height. Her body was not very thin but was not too fat either. Her look could be described as melancholic and serene.

With a sweet and quiet voice, the lady invited me to sit in front of the desk.
In those moments something unheard of happens; I see on the desk two glass butterflies that had life of their own, they moved their wings, breathed, saw etc. The situation certainly seemed to me too exotic and strange. Two glass butterflies and with life of their own?
Accustomed as I was to divide my attention in three parts, firstly, I did not forget myself; secondly, I did not identify myself with those glass butterflies; thirdly, I carefully observed the place.

On contemplating such glass animal, I told myself: this cannot be a phenomenon of the physical world because in the three-dimensional region of Euclid I have never known of glass butterflies with life of their own. Unquestionably, this can be a phenomenon of the astral world.
I then looked around me and ask myself the following questions: Why am I here? Why have I come here? What am I doing here?

Addressing the lady, I then talked to her in the following manner: “Madam, excuse me a minute while I go out to the garden, and I will soon return”.
The lady assented with a nod, and I abandoned that office for a moment.

Once outside in the garden, I jumped with the intention of floating in the surrounding environment; great was my astonishment when I verified for myself that I was outside of my physical body. Then I understood that I was in the astral world.
In such moments I remembered that it had been quite some time ago, several hours, that I had abandoned my physical body and the former, unquestionably, was now to be found resting in the bed.

Once the unique proof was made I returned to the office where the lady waited for me.
Then I wanted to convince her that I was outside the physical body.

“Lady”, I said, “you and I are outside of the physical body; I want you to remember that quite a few hours you lay down to sleep in your bed and now find yourself here conversing with me, outside the physical body, since it is known that when the body sleeps the conscience, the Essence, unfortunately stuck within the ego wanders outside of the physical body”.

Once these words were said, the lady looked at me with somnambulist eyes, but she did not understand. I understood that such a lady had an asleep consciousness. Not wanting to insist anymore I bade her farewell and abandoned the place.

Then I headed for California, with the purpose of carrying out certain important investigations”.