In this lesson we will start to know and understand a natural phenomenon in human beings that always takes place when we fall asleep.
Astral projection is also known as astral journey or lucid dreaming.
In spite of accepting this idea, the fact is that we have experienced this phenomenon since we were born.
The reason to study this subject is that we can develop the ability of controlling the astral projection.

As we have seen in the previous lesson, we have an astral body, and this body is the vehicle for the manifestation of our consciousness or Essence in the astral world.
This means that if we can control the astral projection we can act consciously in the astral world, an entirely new world where the time doesn’t exist and that keeps many secrets about ourselves, about the world, about the life, about the Universe and all the creation.

We also can say that all that exist in the physical world also exist in the astral world (at least in some way), but not the opposite.
This statement includes the people.

By the way, could a person exist in the astral world and not in the physical?
The answer is yes.
As we saw in the previous lesson, neither the Essence nor the astral body dies when the physical body dies. Thus, what we really are, the Essence continues to exist in the astral world.

But unfortunately, the ego too.
For this reason, the Essence continues to be imprisoned by the ego, stays unconscious, dreaming like a sleepwalker, having no idea what is happening. Just like before.

To start we will see how the unconscious astral projection process occurs.
Always when we fall asleep, we (the Essence) leave the physical body “dressed” in the astral body.
Due to our asleep conscience, we cannot perceive this process, and all happen as if nothing really had happening.

When we return to the physical body (what always happen by the way) and awake, we normally remember only some parts of the dreams.

The clearness and the intensity of the remembrances that are brought from the astral world may vary much from person to person.
Some people can remember many details and others can simply awake without remember anything.

In this lesson we had an introduction to the astral projection.

In the next lesson about this subject, we will go a little deeper and start learning how to get conscious astral experiences, being aware when we are in the astral world and controlling our dreams.