Hello dear friend.

Unfortunately, just a few people get interested about the issues approached in this course.
The reason is quite simple: people don’t really want to change themselves, especially if it requires some effort to accomplish.

People in general choose to go through the easy way; the way that leads to nowhere. Sadly, the result is to live an existence of delusion and no sense.
Just a few people will dare to take the hard way, swim against the current to achieve the awakening of conscious and the Intimate Self-Realization of the Being, which are the priceless reward for all this work.

Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.

Matthew 7:13-14

That is why we would like to congratulate those who finished this course.

“So what now? Is this it? What should I do to keep studying?”

These are common questions from people who have completed all lessons. Obviously, this course is only the basic knowledge, but it is essential to move on ahead.
Once finished the course, the first step is start practicing intensively what was learned, especially psychological death and astral projection. One should become a specialist on those.

The second step is to go to the Wisdom Temple to get, just like other people, the advanced lessons directly from the Masters. We talk about that on the previous lesson.
There is no need for more theories. Now is time to practice.

It is important to have patience and perseverance because it is not easy to swim against the current (especially when we are starting learning to swim).
But if you made it this far you can go further. Just don’t ever stop swimming.

Be careful. Do not to be satisfied with only theories, reading books and texts. This is the most common mistake made by people who do not practice. They end up taken by the current.

Well, now it’s up to you. But you can be sure that you will never be alone on this road.
Never forget your Divine Mother. Always ask for her help when you need.
Besides there are many “Celestial Eyes” praying and even cheering for you. Don’t disappoint them.

We wish you all the strength and light on your way.
Divina Ciencia team.