In this lesson we will learn about the importance of concentration, how to improve concentration and how to focus on things we want in our daily life.

In the preceding lessons we have learned some techniques that require concentration and imagination to be performed.
They are the cases of relax and meditation techniques.

Having the ability of concentration is fundamental to get good results in the practices that we are learning throughout the course.

But after all, what exactly is concentration?
Concentration, in the context of this course, is the ability of having only one thought in mind or, in other words, leading the attention to only a single point in mind, a single image, sound etc.
We are concentrated when we have only one object or a single mental image.
If, for example, we are trying to imagine something and have a lot of thoughts in our mind (voices, images, sounds) then we are not concentrated. Our attention is dispersed.

So, what should we do to develop concentration?
In order to develop concentration, we need to discipline ourselves for that purpose.
By doing this, when we are going to do some practice (e.g., the meditation) it will be easier because we were accustomed to do all with concentration in our daily life.

How to improve concentration (daily discipline)

Following, we will see some simple hints that help us to improve the ability of concentration:

  • Firstly, it must be very clear that we can do only one thing at a time, and when we are doing that activity we should have all our attention focused on it.
    That may seem obvious, but in general a person does an activity while is thinking on the next one or in something else.
  • Dedicate the necessary time to accomplish the activity you are doing. After finished then go to the next activity, and so successively until the end of the day.
  • Pay attention to your movements. We are much accustomed to do activities in an automatic way, that is, doing movements without proper attention and thinking in other things that are not related to what we are doing.
    Some examples are when we are taking a bath, brushing our teeth, driving a car etc.
  • When we try to concentrate in something our mind tends to bring other thoughts, since it was never subject to a discipline. When this happens, we should discipline our mind leading our attention immediately to where we were focused on, as much times as necessary.
  • If the mind persists disturbing the concentration bringing thoughts, we can also apply the psychological death to those thoughts, since each of them is a manifestation of a psychological defect and, therefore, can be eliminated.

Following this discipline, you surely will develop a lot your ability of concentration.
But don’t forget that you only will get results with practice and continuity.