In this lesson we will study two mechanical laws of nature which are directly related to our past lives and the events in this present existence.
These are the laws of Return and Recurrence.

Below we will see a chapter of the book “Treatise of Revolutionary Psychology” written by Samael Aun Weor, which give us an explanation of these laws and what needs to be done in order to transcend them.

“A person is what his life is.
Therefore, if he does not modify anything within himself, if he does not radically transform his life, if he does not work on himself, he is miserably wasting his time.
Death is the return to the very beginning of one’s life with the possibility of repeating it once again.
Much has been stated in pseudo-esoteric and pseudo-occultist literature about the subject of successive lives.
Yet, it is better to be concerned about successive existences.

The life of each one of us with all its seasons is always the same. Life repeats itself from existence to existence throughout innumerable centuries.
Unquestionably, we continue in the seed of our descendants. This is something which has already been demonstrated.

The life of each one of us is individual. Life is a living movie that we carry along with us to eternity when we die.
Each one of us takes his movie with him and brings it back to project it once again on the screen of a new existence.

The repetition of dramas, comedies and tragedies is a fundamental axiom of the Law of Recurrence. The same circumstances always repeat themselves in each new existence.
The actors of such scenes, which are always repeated, are those people who live within us, the Selves.
If we disintegrate those actors, those Selves which give rise to the constantly repeated scenes of our life, then the repetition of such circumstances will be more than impossible.

Obviously, each of these characters (Selves) which we carry within repeats the same role from existence to existence.
If we disintegrate them, then the actor dies, and the role is concluded.

Seriously reflecting on the Law of Recurrence or the repetition of events in each return, we discover through intimate self-observation the secret motivations of this matter.
If we had a love affair in a past existence at the age of twenty-five, without a doubt the Self with such a commitment will look for the lady of his dreams at the age of twenty five in his new existence.
If the lady in question was only fifteen years old, the Self of that affair will look for her beloved in her new existence at just the same age.
It is clear to understand that the two Selves, hers as well as his, will look for each other telepathically, and reunite again in order to repeat the same love affair of their past existence.

Two enemies who fought to the death with each other in a past existence will look for one another again in the new existence, to repeat the tragedy at the corresponding age.
If two people had a quarrel over possessions at the age of forty in their past existence, they will look for each other telepathically at the same age in their new existence, to repeat the same thing.

It is irrefutable that many people live within each of us, loaded with commitments. A thief has a “den” of thieves within him, with several delinquent commitments.
The murderer carries a “gang” of murderers within him, and the lustful carries a “brothel” within his psyche.
Gravest of all is that the intellect knows nothing about the existence of such people or Selves within oneself, or about the commitments which are going to be fatally fulfilled.

All these commitments of the Selves which dwell within us are carried out beneath our reasoning.
They are facts which we are ignorant of; things happen to us, events which are processed in our subconscious and in our unconscious.
It has been rightly said that everything happens to us, just as when it rains or when it thunders.
We really have the illusion that we are doing things; however, we do nothing. Things happen to us; this is fatal, mechanical…
Our personality is only an instrument for the different people (Selves), through which each of these people carry out their commitments.

Many things happen beneath our capacity of cognition. Unfortunately, we do not know what goes on beneath our poor reasoning.
We believe that we are wise men, when in reality, we do not even know that we are not. We are wretched wood dragged along by the rough waves on the ocean of existence.

To come out of this misfortune, from this unconsciousness and from such a regrettable state in which we find ourselves, is only possible by dying to ourselves…

How can we awaken if we do not previously die to ourselves? Only with death does the new come. If the seed does not die, the plant is not born.
He who truly awakens acquires, for that reason, full objectivity of his consciousness, the authentic enlightenment and happiness… ”