In this lesson we will learn a relaxation technique.
Besides the benefits of the relaxation itself, such as counteract the physical and mental effects of the stress, this technique will be very useful for us when we start practicing other techniques that will be taught in this course, like for the meditation for example.

When we practice the relaxation, our objective is to “forget” our body, that is, keep it so relaxed and without tensions in such a way that it would be as if it was not there, as if in that moment we had not a physical body.

The technique we will learn now is called “The blue light technique”. It is very simple and effective at the same time.
This technique requires that we combine both concentration and imagination, as described below:

  • First lay down in a comfortable position in a place you can relax and not be disturbed.
  • Next, close your eyes and start imagining, that is, visualize with the mind’s eye, your body laid down from the feet to the head.
    Do it slowly, see the details, try to keep the focus on the practice.
  • Now start imagining a heavenly blue light filling your body, starting in the toes, filling the whole foot, the ankle, the calves and so on till the top of the head.
    Don’t imagine that this light only covers your body, but also imagine that it fills all your body as if it was empty.
  • Make the previous steps without hurry and imagining the whole process as best as you can, feeling the body relaxing when the blue light passes through it.

At the end the body will be totally filled by the blue light and relaxed as well.

You may have some difficulty keeping the focus.
It is due to the lack of control we have over ourselves, in this case over the intellectual center.

But don’t worry. The more you practice the technique the more your concentration will be improved.