On this lesson we will learn about the three factors of Revolution of Consciousness.

We have been learning so far the importance of the psychological death to truly change ourselves, our consciousness and, by consequence, our destiny. The psychological death is actually one of those three factors.
Revolution of Consciousness means a radical change of consciousness provoked by us through effort and conscious self-work.

The Three Factors of Revolution of Consciousness.

In order to achieve the Intimate Self-Realization of the Being, which is our purpose in life, we need to work evenly with the following factors:

1 – To die or the death of psychological defects.

It’s the so-called psychological death which we have been studied in detail during the course.
It must be clear that this factor of dying doesn’t have any correlation with physical death or the death of the body. It’s something strictly psychological and interior.

The psychological death is the first factor because it is essential and without it, we will not be capable of practicing the other factors effectively.

2 – The Birth.

It is the conscious and intelligent manipulation of the sexual energy, known and studied covertly by the Greek, Egyptian, Chinese, Indian schools of initiation.
Some terms that refer to the Birth are Alchemy, Supra-Sex or Sahaja Maithuna.
This is an advanced issue that is not approached in this course. We just let this teaching of the great master:

Very truly I tell you, no one can enter the kingdom of God unless they are born of water and the Spirit.

Jesus Christ (John 3:5)

3 – Sacrifice for Humanity.

The Latin word for sacrifice is sacrificium, from sacer (sacred) and facere (to make).

The third factor of the Revolution of Consciousness is the giving of the knowledge needed to someone achieve such revolution. In other words, the giving of the three factors of Revolution of Consciousness to any person who wants to learn them, without discrimination of any kind and without asking or waiting for something in return.

There are examples of several masters or Avatars who gave this knowledge to people at their age through preaching, writings, books, schools etc. without ever asking for anything.

Charging for something that is universal and a divine legacy to mankind is an absurdity.

There are several ways to sacrifice for humanity:

  • Teaching this knowledge to people that show interest, but never forgetting to respect the free will of others.
  • Taking and practicing these lessons.
  • Helping people to find this knowledge, for example on this website or sharing the files available for downloading.

We can also conclude that the opposite of sacrifice for humanity is to sacrifice the humanity.
So, we should never:

  • Charge or expect something in return for giving this knowledge.
  • Receive these teachings and not practice them. That will eventually, even if we try to disguise it, be noticed in the bad actions, bad examples and it will only discourage others to practice it.
  • Consume, offer or sale alcohol or drugs. We already know how harmful they are for the humanity.