On this lesson we will learn about the anger management, that is, how to control the anger, how to manage this terrible feeling and have self-control. Furthermore, we will learn how to eliminate the causes of the anger from ourselves, what is the most important.

We need to understand that the anger is a very common type of psychological defect, which is very easy to detect through the self-observation. However, the anger is one of the most contributors to psychological, physical and social sufferings.

To help us with the anger management, let’s take a look at the following excerpt from the book “The Revolution of the Dialectic”, by Samael Aun Weor:

“Anger annihilates the capacity to think and resolve the problems it originates. Obviously, anger is a negative emotion. Two negative emotions of anger that confront each other do not achieve peace or creative comprehension.

Unquestionably, when we project anger onto another human being, a crumbling of our image is always produced, and this is never convenient in the world of the interrelations.
The diverse processes of anger lead the human being towards horrible social, economic and psychological failures.
It is clear that one’s health is also affected by anger.
There exist certain foolish persons who enjoy anger since it gives them a certain air of superiority. In these cases, anger is combined with pride.
Anger is also usually combined with conceit and even with self- sufficiency. Kindness is a much more crushing force than anger.

An angry argument is nothing but excitement lacking conviction.
On confronting anger, we should decide, we should choose the type of emotion that is most convenient to us.
Kindness and comprehension are better than anger. Kindness and comprehension are permanent emotions, since they can overcome the anger.
Whoever lets himself be controlled by anger destroys his own image. The man who has complete self – control will always be on top.

Frustration, fear, doubt and guilt originate the processes of anger. Frustration, fear, doubt and guilt cause anger.
Whoever liberates himself from these four negative emotions will dominate the world. To accept negative passions is something that goes against self -respect.

Anger is of crazy persons; it serves no purpose. It leads us to violence.
The goal of violence is to lead us to violence and the latter produces more violence.”

Pay close attention to the anger because it comes many times and in different ways and produces extremely negatives effects.
The way to eliminate the anger is the same for any other psychological defect: self-observation and psychological death.

Nothing justifies that we get angry, filled with hate etc.
The ideal, the usual feeling should be to manage the anger in all situations, to keep self-control in all circumstances, whether bad or even disastrous.
Unfortunately, that is not truly possible while we keep the anger inside us.

In order to achieve an effective anger management and to have self-control, we must eliminate the cause of the anger: the “self”, the psychological defect.
As we eliminate the anger it will be growing inside us, at the same proportion, the virtues of serenity, love, compassion etc.

Below there are some common situations in which the defect of anger manifests itself:

  • Having arguments at home or at work.
  • Disagreeable and unavoidable situations. Accidents of any kind.
  • Facts that generate frustration, like when we are expecting something that doesn’t happen.

The anger can, alone, to ruin completely a person’s life. It may also include the people who live with that person.
Do not allow this in your life. You already know what to do to avoid it.

Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.

Jesus Christ (Matthews – 5,5)