Let us study the following text of Samael Aun Weor about the awakening of the consciousness:

All mankind lives in a deep sleep.

“Every human being can come near to the experience of reality. Every human being has the right to live the great existences of the spirit, to know the reigns and nations of the molecular and electronic regions.
Every aspirant has the right to learn at the Master’s feet, to enter through the magnificent doors of the Temples of the Greatest Mysteries, to talk to the brilliant children of the dawn of creation’s Maha-Manvantara face to face.
Nevertheless, one has to start with the awakening of the consciousness.

It’s impossible to be awake in the Superior Worlds if here in this cellular, physical, material world, the aspirant is asleep. The one who wants to awaken the consciousness in the internal worlds, should awake here and now, in this dense world.
If the aspirant did not awake consciousness here in this physical world, let alone in the higher worlds.
Who awakens consciousness here and now, awakens in all parts. Who awakens consciousness here in this physical world, in fact and by own right, stays awakened in the Higher Worlds.

The first thing that one needs to awaken the consciousness is to know that one is asleep.
This thing of understand that we are asleep is something very difficult, because normally all people are absolutely convinced that they are awake.
When a man understands that he is asleep, then starts the process of self-awakening.

We are saying something that nobody accepts. If to any intellectual man should be said that he is asleep, you may be sure that he could feel offended.
People are fully convinced that they are awake.
People work asleep, dreaming… drive cars asleep, dreaming… marry asleep, live asleep, dreaming… and nevertheless, are totally convinced that are awake.

Who wants to awake consciousness here and now, should start by understand the three subconscious factors called: identification, fascination and dream.
Every type of identification produces fascination and dream.

We are walking in a street and suddenly we meet with the mobs that are going to protest for something before the palace of Mr. President.
If we are not in a state of alertness (self-observation) we identify ourselves with the parade, mix with the multitude, we fascinate and following comes the dream: shout, throw stones, makes things that in other circumstances would not do, nor even for a million dollars.

To forget himself is a mistake of incalculable consequences. Identify with something is the culmination of stupidity for the result comes to be the fascination and dream.
It is impossible for someone to awaken consciousness if he allows himself to fascinate, if he falls in the dream.”

So, what should we do to awaken the consciousness?

To practice what we have learned till now, especially the self-observation and the psychological death, and also what we’ll learn in the next lesson: the meditation.

The psychological death and the meditation are the definitive means for the awakening of the consciousness.