On this lesson we will learn a simple technique for meditation, but quite effective.

In the previous lesson we saw something about what the awakening of the consciousness is and that the effective ways to do that are the practice of the meditation and the psychological death.
Thus, here is the main purpose of the meditation: to awake our consciousness, what by itself makes us people completely different of what we are, with different capabilities, objectives and perceptions.

Technique for meditation.

Now we are going to learn how to practice the meditation. On this technique for meditation, we will use the koans.

Firstly, we should choose a silent place. Usually, the bedroom is the chosen one.
Next, we should be in a comfortable position which allows us to remain without moving.
We may seat with crossed legs at eastern style or lay down with fully extended legs.
Then we should relax the whole body. Use the technique that we saw in the first lessons of this course.

It is important to understand that when practicing the meditation your only goal should be to silence the mind, to stop the agitation of the thoughts that normally happens.
When we reach the absolute quietness of the mind, that is, the total absence of thoughts is when we experience the Illuminator Void, the mystical ecstasy, the free of the soul.
The more we practice the meditation more the mind is quieting, and closer we will be of achieving the Illuminator Void.

Don’t worry about knowing how should be the Illuminator Void or anything like that.
Focus only on the technique of meditation you are doing. During the meditation your goal must be only silent the mind, nothing else.

How to meditate using a Koan technique.

A koan is an enigmatic question which has the goal of proposing a problem to the mind, a problem that it cannot solve.
By doing this, the mind will be tired of looking for an answer that it cannot find, once the answer to a koan is beyond the mind, in a higher level.
As long as the mind is getting tired it is also quieting until be in complete silence.

That is the goal of the koan: silence the mind and at the same time attract sleep slightly.
When we sleep with the mind in silence is when we live the mystical experience.

One may choose one of the following koans to practice the meditation:

“Who is the one that is in the middle of ten thousand things?”

“If everything can be reduced to a unit, to what is reduced the unit?”

Next, we throw this question to the mind and demand it bring us the answer.

The mind, initially, does not obey; it insists in bringing wrong answers (since it never knows the answer for a koan) or all kinds of other thoughts.
For this reason, we should insist to the mind that it bring us the right answer for the koan, being imperative and saying mentally:

“Out! This is not what I am looking for!”

Then we return to concentrate waiting for the mind’s answer.

Remember: any answer brought by the mind will be wrong, since it can never know something that is beyond the mind.

One should practice this technique of meditation (or any other practice) respecting its limits, that is, start practicing for a short time and gradually increasing this time.