On this lesson we will study the laws of evolution and involution. We can notice those laws in action in the human being since childhood, growing, developing, aging and when dying.

If we observe other beings we will find the same patterns, for instance in the plants.
After an evolution cycle always comes an involution cycle. That’s the law.
However, we will see below that we can transcend those mechanical laws through the awakening of the conscious.
Before, for a better understanding, we will learn some new concepts about the dimensions of nature and about where we came from.

The Absolute.

It’s where all creation came from, worlds, beings and nature’s laws that embraces all the four kingdoms: mineral, vegetal, animal and human.
Those laws rule the evolution and involution processes of planets creation.
Every creation, world, galaxy, etc. comes from what we call Absolute.
It’s not easy to understand something so huge and beyond the human mind, but for now it’s enough to understand the Absolute as the origin and the return point of all creation, something beyond good and evil and where true happiness and divine harmony reigns.

The Dimensions.

From the Absolute came all the dimensions or regions of nature. These dimensions are parallel worlds which coexist with each other without mixing.
There are seven dimensions or parallel worlds.
The examples of dimensions that are closer to our reality (or maybe is better to say perception skill) are the third dimension in which exists our physical world, and the fifth dimension in which exists the astral world that we have been talking about through the course.

The Real Being.

The Monadas leave the Absolute to be fully conscious of all the dimensions and of their own existence and divinity.
That concept is called Intimate Self-Realization of the Being. Monad is the same as Being, the Real Being or the Father.
Each of us has our own Real Being or Father, who is our individual God or Master and that is what we really are.

But when you pray, go into your private room, and, closing the door, pray to your Father, Who is in secret; and your Father, Who sees in secret, will reward you in the open.

Jesus Christ (Matthews 6:6)

The Real Being sends his Essence (or soul) through the dimensions in order to do its duty: the work of Intimate Self-Realization of the Being.
We already saw that we are the Essence. The Essence is a part, a particle, of the Real Being.
Our Divine Mother is another part of our Real Being.
Our Real Being pushes us to get to the necessary knowledge for Self- Realization, to search for something superior and to do our duty.

That’s why there’s something that we don’t see nor entirely understand but simply feel an insistent willingness to search for something superior.
It is the Real Being of each one that pushes your Essence to work, to search the knowledge to do the Self-Realization.

The big problem is that we forget all that because we have our conscious so asleep and so fascinated by the temporary and illusory things of this world that we don’t even know what our role in life is.
The result is that we create and feed the ego, which take us further and further away from our Father.
The consequence of that are pain, ignorance, misery and suffering. On the other hand, when we do our Father’s will, when we are close to Him, everything goes fine.

The Evolutional Cycle.

Every Essence that comes to the physical world starts its evolution by the mineral kingdom. Every mineral, rock, crystal, etc. is the physical body of an elemental.
Essence and elemental are synonyms, but we use the term Essence for the soul that lies within human kingdom and Elemental is used for the soul within the other kingdoms (mineral, vegetal and animal).
This elemental is instructed by superior beings, whose function is to lead these elementals wisely through kingdoms during the evolution process. These beings are called Devas of the nature.

When they get to the human kingdom the elementals, which we’ll now call Essences, will need new instructors to lead them to Self-realization.
These instructors are now called Avatars, real masters of wisdom who already did or are very ahead in their own Self-realization work. They are the only ones able to teach us about the Self-realization.
Through the ages we can mention great Avatars like Jesus Christ, Krishna, Buddha, Quetzalcoatl, Hermes Trismegistus, Pythagoras among other.

These Avatars came to the physical world to teach the doctrine of Self-realization. Many people accepted but many don’t want to do anything for themselves.
When a master leaves the original doctrine is changed by men little by little and the wisdom gets lost. That’s why in every age was (and is) necessary that an Avatar comes to teach humanity.

However, an amount of 108 existences is given to each one of us to do our duty. That is symbolically represented on the 108 beads on Buda’s necklace.
If we don’t achieve the Self-realization within those 108 existences, we enter in the process of involution.
Then we go to the opposite way. From the human kingdom and involution back until the mineral kingdom.

The Involutional Cycle.

This process is necessary to destroy the ego we have been created and fed through our existences. It’s a slow and painful process in the infra-dimensions of nature.

The stronger the ego, the longer it will take to be destroyed.

The infra-dimensions are symbolic described in the book “The Divine Comedy” by Dante Alighieri. The infra-dimensions are what are known as Hell.

When finishing the involution at the mineral kingdom the ego is destroyed and the imprisoned Essence is freed. This is the second death mentioned in the Bible.
The Devas examine the elemental so that they can place it again at the evolution process that will start, as we saw, from the mineral kingdom to the human kingdom.
Thus, the Wheel of Samsara completed a run. Or, in other words, an evolutive-involutive cycle has ended.

Then the Essence will have 107 more existences to do the work of Self-knowledge.
But the Wheel of Samsara spins 3000 times on each existence. After the last spin every door will be closed.
The Real Being then retrieves its Essence, which will return unconsciously to the Absolute.

Concluding we have 108 x 3000 = 324000 existences to do our duty.
The problem is that we are very old, we have been passed through the evolution and involution process many times and we don’t know how many existences we have yet to live.

Fortunately, we can destroy the ego, here and now, and escape from the involution process.
That is the very purpose of the psychological death, which is so essential for the Intimate Self-realization of the Being as we have seen in detail through this course.

So, what are we going to choose?
Destroy the ego voluntarily and go towards the Father and His wisdom, or enter into the involution process until the second death?