Through the course we have been learning how to practice the astral projection.
On this lesson we will see what the main purpose of the astral projection is.

That purpose is to search for the objective knowledge in the astral world, that is, the authentic wisdom that will allows us to continue evolving towards self-knowledge and spiritual evolution, and in this path leaning about lots of mysteries surrounding us, from different dimensions of nature and all creation.

That wisdom doesn’t have limits; it’s infinite and can’t be found in books. Everything that the great Avatars have been teaching publicly to mankind is exactly what to do in order to be able to achieve such wisdom.

But, after all, where do we find authentic wisdom? And who can teach us?

In the astral world we can find the Wisdom Temple or Gnostic Church.

The Wisdom Temple is a place where beings of awaken conscience, beings who work with the three factors of Revolution of the Consciousness, which also includes aiding mankind in the best way possible by instructing and teaching people who are in the search of true wisdom and spiritual evolution.
If you came through this lesson, then probably you are one of these people.

How to get to the Wisdom Temple?
Here is where we apply what has been learning so far.

Well, if the Wisdom Temple only exists in the astral world, then the first step is to be conscious in the astral world. We already know that we use the astral projection techniques to do that.
It doesn’t matter which technique we use. What really matters is to be conscious in the astral world.

Once we have passed that first stage, we can now get to the Wisdom Temple.
But how can we, if we don’t even know where we really are or what direction to take?

What we need to do is to ask our Real Being, as soon as we become conscious in the astral world, that he takes us to the Wisdom Temple.
Just do that and He will take you there.

But it is necessary to show that we are really interested and determined to get there.
And we need to show that with facts that we are really determined to receive the teachings directly from the Masters.
This requires hard work in the elimination of psychological defects and persistence with the astral projection.

What was learned in these lessons, if taken to practice, is enough to reach the Wisdom Temple.
We only have to make our choice: to be or not to be?

It’s normal in the beginning that we ask our Real Being to be taken to the Wisdom Temple and nothing happens.
We can eventually be really taken to the Wisdom Temple and find nothing but a closed door.

All these experiences show that it is not the time yet; that we need to work more in order to be allowed into the Wisdom Temple.
However, these experiences already show good progress on this work.

Good work and nice experiences.