Let’s see the excerpt bellow from the book “Treatise of the Revolutionary Psychology”, by Samael Aun Weor, in order to clarify the theme of this lesson – the Level of the Being.

“What is the real objective of our existence? We are here for what? Why?
This is something that we have to elucidate with meridian clarity; this is something we should weigh, analyze, and calmly judge.

We live in the world with what objective? We suffer the unspeakable for what?
We strive to get this that is called bread, garment and shelter and, after all, what?
Where are all our efforts?
Live for living, work for living and immediately die is, by chance, something wonderful?
Truly, my friends, it is necessary to understand the meaning of our existence, the meaning of living.

There are two lines in the life: one of them we could call horizontal, other the vertical.
They form a cross within us, here and now, neither even a second further nor a second behind.
We need to clarify a little these two lines.

The horizontal starts with the birth and ends with the death; before each cradle there is the perspective of a tomb, all that is born shall die.
In the horizontal is the whole process of be born, grow up, reproduce, getting old and soon die.
In the horizontal are the vain pleasures of the life: liquors, fornications, adulteries etc.

In the horizontal is the fight for the daily bread, the fight for not die, for exist under the sunlight.
In the horizontal are all those inner sufferings of the practical life, of the home, of the street, of the office etc. Nothing wonderful the horizontal line can offer to us.

But there exists other line totally different; I want to mention, with emphasis, to the vertical one. This vertical is interesting.
In it we find the different levels of the Being; in it are the transcendental powers and transcendences of the Real Being; in this vertical are the esoterical powers, the powers that divinize, the Revolution of the Consciousness etc.
With the powers of the vertical we can decisively influence over the horizontal aspects of the practical life; we can change totally our own destiny, make something different of our life, something distinct and turn to be something totally distinct of what we were, of what we are, of what we have known in this bitter existence.

The vertical is, therefore, wonderful, revolutionary by nature; nevertheless, it is necessary to have a bit of restlessness.
Before everything, I ask myself and ask the others:
Are we, by chance, glad about what we are? Who of you feels happy, in the most complete sense of the word?”

As we have seen in the text, we have in our psychological world two lines that cross each other continuously. The horizontal one represents the time of duration of our life contained between our birth and our death.

It is evident that between the birth and the death are all the events and facts of the quotidian that happened and that are going to happen in our life.
There is nothing really interesting related to the horizontal line, and the only certainty we can have related to this line is that it has a beginning and an end.

But the other line, the vertical one, offers to us infinite possibilities, because is the line where are the levels of the Being.
In the vertical line are the virtues, the inner change, the wisdom, the powers and the faculties of the Being, and is totally independent of the horizontal line.
We may compare the vertical line to a ladder in which the higher steps correspond to higher levels of the Being. And, correspondingly, the lower steps correspond to the lower levels of the Being.

The people are at various levels of the Being, and the people with the same level of the Being tend to attract themselves by affinity and establish relations between each other..
For this reason, an abstemious person does not have affinity with a group of drunk; or an honest woman doesn’t mix with whores, or an honest man does not have friends that are criminals.

Other important fact related to the levels of the Being is that if a person enhances his level of the Being consequently will relate with more decent people than those that he has been related.
This is due to the fact that the affinities change when changes the level of the Being and a person that changed his level of the Being will lose the affinities that had with his relationship circle, and now will feel affinities with people that are in the same level of the Being.
This change of relationships may generate an economic and social change in the life of a person.

In fact, if we want to create new conditions in our existence, if we want to make changes in our life, we have to change necessarily our level of the Being.
Otherwise, we will continue to be only victims of the circumstances and of the events that are awaiting us in the horizontal line.
It is very important to understand that without changing our level of the Being we cannot govern anything in the course of our existence. The facts simply happen according to the mechanical laws of the nature, which are related to the horizontal line.

After all that has been explained about the levels of the Being, still remains a fundamental question:
How to change our level of the Being?
By practicing the self-observation and the psychological death.
The more defects we eliminate higher will be our level of the Being, and also more intense will be the changes that we’ll provoke in our existence.

Here it becomes clear the great philosophical dilemma: “To be or not to be.”
What we want to make of ourselves and of our life? Are we going to change our level of the Being or not?

In any decision that we make in our life, there are fundamentally only two alternatives: To be or not to be.
Before each situation ask yourself:
Should I act like this or in a way that raises my level of the Being?
Should I give powers to the ego or strengthen the Essence?

Remember that these little decisions in our daily life make all the difference.